Stay at Home Kids Games bundle incl Jibber Jabber and Oopsee Whopsee from €7.99

Get the party started with these great kids games, have them on hand for rainy days or as gifts.

Egg on Yer Face Game:

-The hilarious family party game is a great way to have a bit of novelty fun and get everybody laughing.
-Before you begin playing the game pill one of the eggs with water and mix them in the tray.
-Once all the eggs are mixed up you are ready to play and each player will then take it in turns to spin the spinner and follow the instructions.
-When it is your turn to choose an egg from the tray pick it up and press it on your head.
-The loser will be the person that picks the water filled egg and will get wet.
-Aged 5+ years, Product dimensions -28x27x6cm

Jibber Jabber Party Games- Junior Edition:

-Junior Jibber Jabber Party Game
-The junior edition of the hilarious Jibber Jabber game means kids can join the fun too!
-The concept of the game is simple - Collect as many cards as possible by correctly guessing phrases spoken by a player wearing a mouthpiece, the player or team with the most cards at the end of play wins.
-Jibber Jabber Junior is for ages 8+ and can be played with 4 to 6 players.
-Box includes 200 phrase cards, 6 junior size mouthpieces and a 60 second timer, Product Dimensions: 4.4x26. 8x27cm

Chopstick Ninja Challenge Game:

-Test your skills with this chopstick ninja challenge
-Use chopsticks to collect jewels and beads before the timer runs out
-Box includes: 2 Pairs Easy Chopsticks, 2 Pairs Moderate Chopsticks, 2 Pairs Advanced Chopsticks, 1 Large Wobble Bowl, 4 Collector Containers, 1 Ninety Second Timer, 64 Assorted Shape Jewels and Beads, 48 Challenge Cards
-Suitable for 5 years and over, Product Dimensions: 40 x26.2 x7.2cm. Material Plastic.

Whoopsee Whoopsee Poo Dodging Fun:

-Product Dimensions : 37.2x25x6.2cm
-PRoduct Material : Plastic
-Mold the included compound to look like piles of poop.
-Step in the fewest poops to win.
-Play with friends or dodge the poop solo.
-The first player to grab the poop earns a token.
-If you’re quick enough to catch it in mid-air, you earn two token.
-The player who ends up with the most tokens wins.
-This game really gross or just gross enough. Product Dimensions: 37.2x25x6.2cm


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