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€4.99 for Silicone Gel Self Adhesive Push Up Bra


1. 100% Brand new and high quality
2. Color: Nude/ Fashion Grey/ Lemon
3. Cup Sizes: A-D
4. Self adhesive silicone bra
5. No bra-straps nor back strap
6. Easily washable and reusable
7. Comfortable to wear, No traces on your skin
8. Seamless & Invisible
9.Perfect for evening dresses, wedding gown, etc.
A cup: (normal bra size 30A; 32A; 34A; 36A; 30B for A cup)
B cup: (normal bra size 32B; 34B; 36B; 30C; for B cup)
C cup: (normal bra size 32C; 34C; 36C; 30D; for C cup)
D cup: (normal bra size 32D; 34D; 36D; 30E for D cup)

Cleaning method:
1. Wet the whole bra and spray some neutral cleaning agent on bra. (Special cleaner is recommended for better preservation)
2. Clean the bra by circling on the silicon surface with finger pulp. (No scratching with nail or other hard object)
3. Rinse the bra clean. (No use of towel or tissue to dry the water on the bra surface. And no use of dryer.)
4. It is better to keep the bra horizontal and dry it in a ventilated and no-sunlight-exposure places. (No sunlight exposure. No clipping on the silicon surface if hanging to dry it.)
5. After the bra becomes dry totally, please keep it in the transparent box lest dust should adhere to the silicon surface.

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