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Accredited Adobe Design Online Courses and Beginner's Coding Courses Starting from €19 with International Open Academy

1) Adobe InDesign Online Course: Only €19

Adobe InDesign is a software package that is regarded as the industry standard across the publishing industry – but like many Adobe products, it is often daunting for new users. With so many available functions, tools, and potential operations, it is difficult for even the most tech-savvy editor to know where to start.

  • 30 hours long
  • Certificate upon completion

The Adobe InDesign course is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Take their own creative work to the next level
  • Learn how to put together books, magazines or other documents that meet industry standards
  • Use an integrated piece of essential software to make every editing job easier
2) Adobe Lightroom for Beginners: Only €19

Everyone has heard the term “photoshopped,” which refers to editing done using Adobe Photoshop. But what about its sister product Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is another addition to the Adobe editing lineup, and every photographer and editor should know how to use it.
  • 30 hours long
  • Certificate upon completion
Learning Lightroom is right for you if you:
  • Recently took up photography as a hobby or as a business
  • Want to develop and manage a logical workflow to make editing your photos easier
  • Are a seasoned professional interested in tools designed specifically for photographers
  • Have the desire to build up transferable and valuable skills within a professional grade piece of software
3) Accredited Coding for Beginners Online Course: Only €29

The terms coding and programming are thrown about quite frequently in the computer world, but most people don’t really understand what the words mean. In fact, most are coding and programming illiterates and even the ones that can offer up a believable definition, don’t go much further than that in their knowledge base. Our Coding for Beginners class is an excellent introduction to the world of programming and its significance to the modern day computer user. 
  • 50 hours long
  • Certificate upon completion
Those who enroll in the class will garner a slew of useful information to include:
  • Answers to common coding questions, what it is and how it’s used
  • Javascript and CSS styling basics
  • Instruction on proper usage of objects, arrays, strings, forms and events
  • Techniques to become a better programmer

About The Partner

All IOA courses are created by an international team of professional online educators with years of experience across a variety of industries. You can benefit from a wealth of hands-on knowledge and get the inside track on working within the industries that interest you most.

IOA courses are created just for you. All study is completed online. You can learn anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Get comfortable and let us guide you on your way to becoming a professional in your chosen industry.

The courses are structured into clearly defined topics, containing detailed written lessons, graphical representations as well as a wealth of instructional videos.

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