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Fatsia Japonica - Japanese Aralia Plants from €24.99


  • These Aralia plants will add an exotic touch to any garden, with it's gorgeously, deep green palmate leaves, looking very tropical, despite their tender appearance, are as tough as old boots once established!
  • They are perfect when planted together in a group if you're looking for that tropical theme or use alone, in borders or patio planters.
  • Small white delicate flowers may appear during late summer and autumn, which just adds to the charm.
  • It's also be proven that the Japanese Aralia can remove gaseous formaldehyde from indoor air so they make very 'good' house plants too.
  • Supplied in approx 2 litre containers.

What the experts say . . . . . "There is something about the firm, deeply veined, shiny palmate leaves of the Fatsia japonica that evokes visions of beautiful remote islands, exotic beaches, cascading waterfalls and breath-taking landscapes. The leaves of this plant stay green in winter which is a real bonus, and it blooms in early autumn too. Commonly known as Japanese Aralia or False Castor Oil Plant it's a native to East Asia and can reach 2 metres in height if left un-pruned and will make a really magnificent specimen. "

*Images shown are for guidance only of the expected results from plants upon maturity - different growing conditions may vary results

*Planters/plant pots are not included

*Customers should check whether plants are suitable for their homes and gardens before purchasing 

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