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Become bilingual starting at €29, for unlimited interactive French online courses with FrançaisAZ

  • 4 months of French courses online 200 hours, €29 (rrp €120)
  • 6 months of French courses online 250 hours, €49 (rrp €165)
  • 12 months of French courses online 500 hours, €89 (rrp €325)
  • 18 months of French courses online 700 hours, €118 (rrp €460)

The offer:

FrancaisAZ is a very pedagogical 5,000-page e-learning site developed by graduates from French and Canadian universities.  We have worked with French teachers who have taught in universities, colleges and businesses, including ivy league schools around the world, universities in France and Canada, but also in many languages schools (French as a Second Language).

FrancaisAZ is:

  • Teachers online available all day (Phone, Skype, Chat…)
  • 5,000 pages of training, 4,700 multimedia files 
  • Available on all devices, Iphone, Ipad, PC...
  • A series of lessons per level (elementary, intermediate, advanced). Duration: 1 hour / lesson
  • 2 (vocabulary/conversation with mp3 listening and grammar used on mobile phones). Duration: 60 minutes / week
  • 45 grammar modules (45 minutes)

Lessons offer the flexibility of working on computers, smartphones, MP3 players or by using traditional paper.

The objective is to increase your level by one step quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Themes available on the site: the office, communication strategies, business travel, business email, coaching, consultants, business in different cultures, doing presentations, boosting your career, working abroad, competition, technology, marketing, outsourcing, hobbies, networking (CVs, cover letters and interviews) ... and much more.

The FrancaisAZ program

Before you start your training you will be guided by your coach and further, you can always reach our teachers who will guide you through the different stages of your learning:

Getting started

  • Do your level test
  • Establish your objectives
  • Begin you training

The FrancaisAZ Method: "Speaking and Listening"

Each step is very playful, interactive and intuitive along with an easy to follow site architecture, where a teacher is always there to help you!  Also, the content is interesting.

Warmups©: The warmups© are meant to be done once a day on your smartphone or your computer. The objective is to make you're daily French fluent.  It is like doing scales when you learn to play the piano.  (MP3 and .pdf formats (great for smartphones and MP3 players - mobility)

Lessons thematic and chronological: Each lesson is built around a theme such as CVs, writing an email, travelling, communications, marketing, etc. The articles are interesting and useful.  Each lesson becomes progressively harder. 

There is accent (spoken) and comprehension (listening) development in each lesson.  

Grammar point©: A specific grammar point.  This is more of a classic way to learn grammar.  One difference is that there are listening exercises.  

During the course, teachers will be available for any questions.

For more information check out their demo here:

Fine Print

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  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
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  • You have the right to cancel this purchase within 14 days, provided you have not redeemed your voucher
  • For questions about your order, please contact Customer Service: or + 33 9 70 40 50 51.

Our Promise

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