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Get Inside Pets' Heads & Hearts Online Course for €49 with Holly and Hugo Normally €499

When you work with animals, it’s important to have insight into how they think, communicate, and behave. Holly and Hugo will help you put yourself in their paws by delving into animal behaviour, and natural instincts, so you can work more effectively with your furry clients.

Whether you’re a pet sitter, groomer, walker, shelter worker or veterinary assistant, understanding an animal’s point of view is crucial to building a successful relationship with animal clients. This course is designed to enhance your knowledge of the key areas of animal interaction, so you can communicate more effectively and get the desired responses. Perfect for those just getting into the industry, as well as seasoned pros who’d like to refresh their training and get some new tips from our expert – Holly and Hugo will help you to engage better with animals of all shapes and sizes.

About the Course

You will start off with an intro to animal psychology so that you can understand the why behind an animal’s natural instincts. Your clients’ owners may come to you for advice on how to solve common behavioural problems, and once you know why an animal is engaging in certain behaviour, you’ll be able to correct the bad habit with proper training techniques. You will cover problem areas such as separation anxiety, food aggression, inappropriate bathroom habits, and fearful reactions to certain stimuli, and teach why a pet may be acting a certain way.

Once you can speak “animal”, Holly and Hugo will outline behaviour modification techniques that respect an animal’s natural instincts, while fitting into the rules of the human world. Holly and Hugo will go over basic commands, teach positive reinforcement techniques, show you how to address specific behaviours, teach you to potty train and more.

They also cover topics that pertain specifically to animal care workers, such as walking on lead, disease prevention, hygiene, pet safety, nutrition and exercise requirements, safe restraint practices, first aid and health emergencies, grooming, and special considerations for birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, and exotic pets.

Taking care of our animal friends is a fulfilling career, and Holly and Hugo want to support your efforts by giving you the tools you need to succeed. Get inside their heads and hearts by signing up today!

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Participants will receive a PDF certificate on completion, and course content is accessible for three months.

Holly and Hugo are an international online training company with many years experience. Holly and Hugo are accredited by ICOES, the International Council for Online Educational Standards, www.icoes.org, which guarantees you a high standard of content with measurable outcomes from an ethically run teaching institution


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