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€18.99 for a 46 Piece Fondant Sugarcraft Cake Decorating Set

Sugarcraft Cake Decorating Set

For all those budding bakers out there, this is an essential piece of kit. This 46 piece set has everything you could possibly need for professional cake icing decorating. Create professional looking flowers and designs using both edible and non-edible materials. Can be used for cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and cookies.

  •    Material Food grade plastic
  •    Colour: Shown as the picture
  •    Quantity: 46 pieces including moulds, cutters, plungers, smoothers and rollers.
Package includes: 14 Sets (46pcs) as per below:
  •     Set of 3 large flower plungers (4.5cm,5.5cm,6.8cm)   
  •     Set of 4 flower (8 petals)  plungers (1.2cm, 1.8cm, 2.5cm, 3.3cm, )
  •     Set of 4 flower (5 petals) plungers (0.8cm, 1cm, 1.3cm, 2.3cm)  
  •     Set of 3 flower (4 petals)lungers (3cm, 3.8cm, 4.2cm)
  •     Set of 3 leaf plungers (2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm)
  •     Set of 3 butterfly plungers (3cm, 3.8cm, 4.5cm)
  •     Set of 3 heart shape plungers (0.9cm, 1.4cm, 1.9cm)
  •     Set of 3 star plungers (1.8cm, 1.5cm. 0.9cm)
  •     Set of 4 large flower cutters (3.1cm, 3.6cm, 4.2cm, 4.8cm)
  •     Set of 3 small flower cutters (1.7cm, 2.9cm,3.4cm)  
  •     Set of 3 flower (10 petals) cutters (2.4cm, 3.2cm, 3.6cm)
  •     Set of 8 yellow modelling tools (14-17cm)   
  •     1 x Cake Smoother (16.5x8.5cm)
  •     1 x rolling pin (length 15cm)

Please Note:
  • The size in the bracket above refers to the pattern on the plungers if not specified.
  • Please allow 1-3mm difference from stated dimensions due to manual measurement.
  •  Images are for illustrative purposed: Colours may differ slightly from display.

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