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Neven Maguire Cook Books - The Nation's Favourite Food & The Nation's Favourite Healthy Food - for only €22.99 with Free Delivery.

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The Nation’s Favourite Food 

Neven Maguire is Ireland’s most trusted chef. His recipes are made day in, day out by people up and down the country for one simple reason: they work.
Now in this fantastic cookbook, Neven has assembled his top 100 recipes. These are Neven’s all-stars — the foolproof, tried and tested definitive versions of the dishes Ireland makes every day of the week.
Each section contains five absolute classics, so you won’t be overwhelmed by choice; rather, you will be inspired to learn the recipes off by heart as you make them over and over again. If you learn just one dish from each section, you will have 20 perfected recipes in your repertoire and be well on your way to wowing in the kitchen. Destined to become a classic, The Nation’s Favourite Food will be the most hard-working thing in the kitchen – so you don’t have to be.

The Nation’s Favourite Healthy Food

These days, many of us are looking to make a few small changes to our diet to look and feel better. And every day, Neven Maguire meets people from all over the country looking to navigate this new world of healthy eating. But it seems we’re not quite sure what healthy eating actually is. Is it low fat? Or low sugar? What about carbs? And wheat and dairy?
Now, in this fantastic new collection, Ireland’s most trusted chef shows you that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. You will discover a fresh approach to food and cooking with 100 new, light and modern recipes – each of them a healthy choice.
In addition to the familiar sections on beef, chicken, fish, desserts and snacks, you will find healthy alternatives to takeaways, low-carb lunches, omega 3 rich suppers and nutrient-packed vegetable juices. You will also find recipes for refined-sugar-free, dairy-free and wheat-free dining that don’t compromise on flavour.
So join Neven and discover a new way of eating that’s not only delicious, but good for you too!

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