Our Promise

1. Cash refund within 14 days for unredeemed/unused vouchers unless stated otherwise in the offer terms and conditions

We will honour your statutory right to a full cash refund within 14 days of your purchase. There are of course exceptions where a voucher is deemed "Used" or "Redeemed", or is part of a Ticketed event.

A voucher has been "Used" when it is marked 'REDEEMED' in 'My Vouchers'

Vouchers are automatically marked as redeemed / used when:

  1. A BOOKING has been made and CONFIRMED by a seller.
  2. You have presented it and therefore redeemed it to receive a service.
  3. Delivery details have been sent to the Order Supplier/Seller.
  4. The voucher is a ticket to an event e.g. a concert or sporting event

2. 80% credit for unredeemed/unused vouchers unless stated otherwise in the offer terms and conditions - claim within 6 months of expiry - use to save from 5% to 15% on future offer purchases

Once a voucher expires, a member can apply for a 80% credit in Points unless the vouchers terms and conditions specifically states otherwise. A member has 6 months after the voucher has expired to submit the refund request.

To apply for the 80% credit, log into your account, click "My Vouchers" and then "Not Used." You will see a button beside your voucher that will allow you to apply for the credit. Click the button to claim your credit.

It may take up to 14 days for the Points to appear in your Account.

When purchasing a product (providing you have enough Points in your account) you will be given the option to pay for 5 percent of the cost of the voucher using your Points.

When purchasing anything else, providing you have enough Points in your account, you will be given the option to pay for 5, 10 or 15 percent of the cost of the voucher using your Points.

If you do not see an option to use Points, you do not have enough points in your account to use on the offer you have selected.

You cannot use Points and a discount code on the same purchase.

All other Refund Requests
As a general rule it is not possible to request a refund outside the parameters already outlined. However, there are a few exceptions that will be decided on an individual case by case basis. We do have the option to refund (in part or in full) as a "Discount Code". This is effectively a Credit Note.

3. We only work with the best sellers

Of course there's always a learning curve! Most of our sellers have worked with us for many years and are reputable, trustworthy businesses. We do add new sellers regularly and monitor their service levels carefully. We also remove sellers based on poor service or any other negative feedback from our members.

4. Although your contract is with the seller, Pigsback.com is on your side, with the highest standards of customer care.

Here's the technical bit: Your voucher is purchased from us but as soon as you redeem that voucher for a service or product with the seller, you create a contract with them.

What this means:
In the first instance, if you have any queries in relation to the delivery of the product or service you have bought, you should address the seller directly. Their contact details are on the voucher.

As a fall-back, where the seller has NOT met the Terms & Conditions of the offer (e.g. late delivery or service not matching the offer) please inform us at helpdesk at pigsback dot com and we will take it up with the seller on your behalf.

5. We're Irish and committed to Irish jobs

Pigsback was established in 2000 in Ireland by a team of Irish people and operates under the company name Empathy Marketing Limited. Pigsback.com is based in Parkwest, Business Park, Dublin and currently provides direct employment for approximately 30 people. Pigsback indirectly supports hundreds of Irish jobs in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors in particular. So by supporting us, you are supporting Irish jobs. We are also proud to partner with the Marie Keating Foundation.