Bestway Flowclear 800gal Filter Pump Swimming Pool, Grey

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  • Thinking of upgrading your outdoor swimming pool experience?
  • If your above ground pool isn't part of a set which already includes a filter pump, the Flowclear filtre pump is an essential piece of kit
  • Unless you want to constantly be replacing your swimming pool water, which can be costly and time consuming, you will need some sort of pool filter system to keep your water clean and clear of debris
  • Filter cartridge pumps are an economical and convenient way to keep your pool water clean, and are so simple to set up
  • Bestway Flowclear 800gal Filter Pump : Pump’s water flow rate (pump capacity): 3,028 L/h (800 gal./h) Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 2,195 L/h (580 gal./h)
  • For use with 1,100-17,400 L (300-4,600 gallons) pools
  • Installation :
    • PART I Internal Filter Pump Inspection : Remove the Filter Cap by unscrewing the Filter Cap Retainer. Inspect the Filter Cartridge ensuring it is centered in the Filter Pump. After inspection, check that the Filter Cap Seal is in place, replace the Filter Cap and screw the Filter Cap Retainer into position
    • PART II Attach the Hoses to the Filter Pump and the Pool :  Place the loose Hose Clamps on both the ends of the Hoses. Attach the Hoses to the corresponding letters on both the pool and the Filter Pump (A to A, B to B). Tighten the Hose Clamps to the Filter Pump by screwing the fly nut clockwise . Remove the Stopper Plugs from the pool’s Inlet and Outlet Valves and insert the Debris Screens. With the Hoses and the Debris Screens in position, tighten the Hose Clamps
    • PART III Preparing the System for Use : Open/unscrew the Air Purge Valve on the top of the Filter Pump; air is released as water fills the Filter Pump. When water comes out of the Air Purge Valve screw it closed and wipe away any water. To start the Filter Pump, Insert the plug of the filter pump to a residual current device (RCD). Pump Maintenance : Stop Water Flowing to the Filter Pump. Unscrew the Filter Cap Retainer and remove the Filter Cap. Clean the Filter Cartridge with a garden hose. Insert the cleaned Filter Cartridge; ensure it is centered in the Filter Pump. Check that the Filter Cap Seal is in place. Replace the Filter Cap and screw the Filter Cap Retainer into position. Replace the Stopper Plugs with the Debris Screens in the pool’s Inlet and Outlet Valves. Tighten the Hose Clamps. Water will now flow to the pump. Open the Air Purge Valve to remove any air from the system as outlined in Pump Installation Directions PART III: Preparing the System. Warranty : This product is covered by a manufacturer's 2 years warranty. To register your warranty and to process your claim please call – 0345 576 0116
  • Safety Warning : Do not permit children to use this product unless they are closely supervised at all times. The pump cannot be using while people are inside the pool. When working with electricity, turn the electrical power off at the circuit breaker and lock breaker door. Failure to do so will result in increased risk of shock, injury and possibly death. To reduce the risk of electric shock, If Filter Pump Power Cord becomes damaged in any way, the pump must be discarded. Using the pump with an unmatched electrical supply is dangerous and will result in catastrophic failure of pump. Place pump on a solid and level ground. Pay attention to position of pool and pump so adequate ventilation, drainage, and access for cleaning is available. Never place pump in an area that may accumulate water, or in an area where foot traffic will flow around the pool. It is necessary to have the plug accessible after installation of the pool. Store the filter pump in a dry location out of child’s reach.  Do not run the pump more than 8 hours per day. Do not add chemicals in the filter pump
  • Box Contains :
    • 1 x Filter Pump Comes with all hoses and attachments
    • 1x Installation and safety instructions

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